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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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It's just as likely to happen as unlikely. There's no real reason to assume that in 100 years Ben Sisko will not be assigned to command DS9 with a Trill Science officer named Dax, a human Medical officer named Bashir, a Klingon Tactical officer named Worf.... well you get the point. Especially since its fiction and the only thing stopping it would be the author's desire.
Well, sure, if you want to be all meta like that.

But I prefer that Star Trek at least *try* to make sense, unless that stands in the way of the point of the morality play of an episode - and a good writer would find a way to make their point without jumping the shark.

And common sense, to me, says that the sheer amount of destruction that the crew of the Narada managed to inflict is going to be more than "a ripple in the pond of time" that will simply straighten itself back out. At least not by the end of the 24th century, probably not by the end of the 34th. Vulcan is GONE. That's *massive*. Out of the many major/minor Vulcan characters that I'm familiar with doing things after 2255 (Spock, Sarek, T'Pau, T'Pring, Stonn, Sybok, Saavik, Selar, Vorik, Taurik, T'Paal, Sakkath, Tuvok, Solok and his crew, the crew of the Intrepid, probably more I'm not thinking of right now) at LEAST 6 that I named will never be born, the Intrepid and T'Kumbra will almost certainly be crewed differently if they exist at all, and all have had their lives drastically altered, along with the lives of anyone of any other species that knew them.

And that's just onscreen. It isn't even talking about the contributions to the culture that the other billions of Vulcans would have made. Big things like science and technology, down to little things like: let's say that Morgan Bateson, for example, is still born, more or less the same, in the few years following ST09. But his parents, in the Prime timeline, soothed the child to sleep using a new Vulcan musical composition by a composer and musicians who all died in the nuTrek timeline with the destruction of their world. So they have to find something else. Would he be the same man - even setting aside any Vulcans (Spock, for example) that he may have known in his original lifetime?

And ALL of that is disregarding the disruptions created by the destruction of the Starfleet vessels at Vulcan, or during the battle where the Narada apparently destroyed 47 Klingon ships, or, heck, just the Kelvin. What else was she originally destined to do? For all we know, Captain Robau would have originally gone onto be the hero of the battle of whatever - or made a difficult but successful first contact with the Bolians. Or a terribly botched one with the Breen.

It's all going to change from here, and I'm glad. It gives us new stories, and in no way diminishes the Prime universe, which I am more than happy to keep reading about, too. I don't need nuWorf. We've still got Worf!
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