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Re: 10 new episodes of Arrested Development coming before the movie

At the risk of being spammy, here's my wrapup and that's all for now...

For Lindsay to be adopted and therefore Maeby not to be related to Geroge Michael, eh, I found that kind of weak and contrived, and also too obvious. (If they went there, I was expecting Michael to be the adopted one, which would explain why he behaves so differently from the rest of the family, and make it more ironic that he's the one making all the affort to save the family.)

Why did Lindsay and Michael appear to be the same age in chldhood flashbacks, which changed late in S3, presumably when they decided to retcon things quickly because the show was being cancelled? If you adopt a kid and want to keep it secret, why contrive a story that they are twins when it will be obvious to everyone (such as the school) that they are not?

What happened with George Michael's DNA teat he secretly did on Maeby - did he forget to pick up the results? Why did George Michael act like Tobias (in his catching skills) and Michael acted like Maeby ("Marry Me!")? What was the purpose of revealing that Maeby was a test tube baby? The story would have played out just the same if she hadn't been.

This show isn't as tightly written as people seem to remember, which becomes far more obvious when you watch the whole thing within a month or so. Instead, they toss out a whole of of clues for everything, some of which they later use and others, they forget.

But it's still terrific, and being a comedy means you can be random and wacky and somewhat sloppy. The only time it really went off the rails is when they lost the connection to real life and started doing pop culture references (the James Bond stuff, ugh, stupid) but that was mercifully brief.

I'm glad I didn't see the original series on FOX because the ending would have been depressing. instead, it's just a setup for the return when they finally get sick of hiding out with Pop-Pop in their tropical paradise. I'm sure that was a blast.

And who knows, the dangling threads could be tied up still...we don't know who Linday's birth parents are. My money is on a Romeo & Juliet fling between Sitwell's sister (who can easily be written in) and Oscar.

But it is aggravating that they lost TEN YEARS! of potentially great current events gags, like the whole housing meltdown, which Bluth Industries would have been right in the middle of, and probably caused now that I think of it.
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