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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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I love the original film, the violence was part of the absolute glee and passion the filmmakers had for this story!
Not only that, but it's an excellent morality play and social satire.

I've often said that if I have kids, one of the films we're watching together is Robocop. I'd rather have my kids exposed to ultra-violence in the context of an intelligent narrative than schlock that panders to mouth-breathers.

I have a feeling I should never have children.
No, it's a very good point, one that I couldn't quite put into words. I noticed taht the sterile Total REcall remake not only lacked the over-the-top violence that Verhoven put in the original, but it mad eit bland.,. Violence isn't everything, but it was clear that Robocop-Recall-Troopers-era Verhoven had a passion for using it for satire, morality plays as well as just a great way to to bring all the talent that goes into a film to bear on the finished product.
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