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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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Besides, the definition of 'fairness' in a profession sports is a joke. Team GB's athletic velodrome bikers have the best bicycles and helmets in the world due to advanced aerodynamics technology; no other country can match Britain in that regard. That whole industry is kept under close wraps. Is it any wonder why Britain wins so many medals in velodrome events?

F1 cars are never alike because each team can use different materials and even components. The team with the most reliable and fastest car wins; so much for racing talent prevailing.
There's nothing in the world to stop every other cycling team to develop their own technology. The fact that the GB team are fast is mostly down to the sheer numbers of cyclists there are and because they go round schools recruiting sporty kids and then training them up, on a huge scale. In any case you immediately rebut your own argument by mentioning F1. So long as the equipment conforms to the rules it's fair. That's the definition of fair. Not pumping yourself with EPO.
They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.
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