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Oh, thanks, I could've sworn I read that as someone's justification when the claim was being made that it was "Official Star Trek" by a poster here.
Well according to their kickstarter page they want to use the completed pilot to pitch it as an official series to CBS, and if they're not interested, then make it as another fan film.
CBS would be the least likely place for it, their idea of sci fi is a show about a doctor/laywer who talks to angels/ghosts. Unless they mean any of CBS's properties - CW (which wouldn't want a show with geriatrics over the age of 25) or Showtime (if they did space opera, it would more likely be an adapation of a novel series with a fan following and some literary cachet.)

If they must go broadcast, they should aim for NBC, which is far more desperate and therefore likely to take risks, and their recent successes (Revolution and Grimm, which does well for Fridays) have been genre.
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