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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

From AFP today:
[Armstrong's] Tour victories are unlikely to be re-awarded, the race's director Christian Prudhomme has said. The void would prevent further headaches, given that most riders who finished on the podium in that time have since been implicated in doping.

But the final decision will come in a special UCI meeting on Friday.
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I sincerely doubt it was solely Lance Armstrong who ran this whole doping operation, if nearly all the top cyclists have been doping themselves then a) Lance Armstrong has been scapegoated, and b) doping is part of this sport.
Not solely Armstrong, of course, but he was right in the middle of covering up and deceiving regulators. Read the affidavits.

If the top cyclists are doping junkies then it stands to chance they're all taking the same substances, thus Lance and his competition are technically on the same footing. Besides it looks pretty clear that in the recent past every cyclist took performance enhancing drugs. I mean if Lance's whole team were in on this scheme, then other cycling teams must have known about it (cos' they must have scouts and people spying on other teams), and they didn't seem to be bitching about it too much. Which means they too were concocting elaborate doping schemes just as Lance allegedly was.
Look at the "sport" you're describing above. "Substances" and "schemes" and "spying." The fact that there is such a furor about the doping scandal shows pretty clearly that the majority of fans are not interested in a contest between who has the most sophisticated dope labs and cover-up operations.

F1 cars are never alike because each team can use different materials and even components. The team with the most reliable and fastest car wins; so much for racing talent prevailing.
But there are volumes of rules and specs that the cars are supposed to comply with. If a team breaks those rules but finds an effective way to deceive the technical inspectors, does that mean they deserve to win?

In virtually every sport there is always some part of it where it can be tailored to suit the individual, no sport is ever truly standardized. If athletes are allowed an unfair advantage through technological or equipment means, why are they penalized due to biological means?
How about: Because the rules of the sport they are participating in forbid it?
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