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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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Edit : wow, wikipedia already erased his name from the winner list. Like he never existed...if only...
I like that 1999-2005 is on the same level as WWI and WWII now.

And @Dennis: It's a fallacy to think that doping is an equaliser. The USADA investigation into the US Postal conspiracy proved convincingly that their doping program was the most sophisticated and integrated of all time. Lance Armstrong was not just doped, he was doped more than anyone else, and maybe even worse, forced the dope on his teammates as well.

He was not "the best of a bunch of cheaters" or whatever, he was the preeminent cheater in the sport. Someone whose natural talent never would have gotten him close to the top in the Tour and who poisoned the soup for hundreds of legitimate athletes over almost decade.
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