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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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I knew someone would try to adapt the NASA warp drive to the Star Trek Enterprise...

But I think the warp-field would not extend far beyond the warp ring. So the entire ship's saucer-section would be destroyed (in the space-time compression zone), when the warp drive is engaged.
Actually, that's just someone doing a sketch of a generic ring warp drive attached to an Enterprise-ish ship. Grom reading the article I don't think they intended it to be based off of the NASA research.

Ring based warp drives are a lot older in fiction than NASA's research. Heck, some of Matt Jefferies original sketchs for the TOS Enterprise had rings.

Sorry, Sojourner, I'm not laughing at you ... I'm hugely amused that this discussion wound up here!

Larryman, that was the beginning of a speculative project that started on these boards in the Trek Art forum. I invite you to look over the discussion here. It's another on top of a huge pile of unfinished projects I keep meaning to get back to.
LOL... that's a funny occurrence. I got the link to that page from another board, which did not give background details.

I just browsed the thread link you provided. Don't see any mentions of the Enterprise physically exceeding the ring's field, as I mentioned. Refer to 1st image posted in this thread. The warp field is 'tight' to the leading and trailing ends of the warp ring. No length (in direction of ring movement) to accommodate the 'lengthy' Enterprise.
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