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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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^^ I do!
It makes sense, timing-wise, for a teaser. If not now, then probably with The Hobbit in December.
If that happens, I will be one happy little nerd.
I think its possible we may get a real trailer (not just a teaser) with one of the holiday season films -- Skyfall, Hobbit, etc.

My bet is Skyfall, considering the young-ish male demographic who will be seeing that film. This first episode of The Hobbit trilogy is rumored to be more "family friendly" than the LOTR films were, considering the source material (the first part of "The Hobbit" novel was a little lighter in tone than the LOTR books).

While the Hobbit demographic is also something Abrams is certainly courting, I think the demographic for Skyfall is more of an exact fit.
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