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Re: "Captain Power" to return as "Phoenix Rising"

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No one "came close to saving Enterprise;" both the studio and the network knew that season four was the final year when it was renewed. The ratings continued to decline, and just because some trekkies liked the fourth year better doesn't mean that there was ever any real hope.
Factually inaccurate.

Not only did various production people continue to have hopes of a S5 pickup, by their own statements made at the time, they were in active pre-development for S5 including breaking the major "history" points they wanted to include (first starbase, etc) as well as active story development on some "special" eps (the Kzinti story).
You're out of your element, Donny. Every TV show plans ahead for next season, regardless if they know they're cancelled or not.
It isn't at all unusual that the seeds of future stories might already be on the minds of the writers before season four wrapped.

Lastly, I spent just under a year working with three of the writers from Enterprise on a former job. On the occasions that the subject of Star Trek came up (because that's what they always called it when discussing it), the writing, as it were, was very clearly on the wall and they knew it.
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