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Re: Barnes and Noble Suied by three publishers.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Uhh, no, because an opinion based on incorrect data is not correct. It makes no sense to defend an opinion as "right" when it's based on a misunderstanding of the facts.
I have already admitted to not going into this beyond the first post. There was no "misunderstanding" by me, but by the OP. I may have gone off on a tangent with this:
Jim Gamma wrote: View Post
Still not comfortable with them being able to pull stuff off your e-reader - even if you do get your money back.
But at no point did I state that this was what they were doing in this instance. It is, however, what they have done in the past, and based on the scant information available in the OP, I had no way to negate the possibility of this happening again. Also, key phrase: BEING ABLE. As in, "This is a statement about capabilities, not about what's actually happening."

I have to go on the information that's provided, and based on the information that's provided in the first post, my statements are 100% factual.
That is a meaningless sentence. First off, conclusions drawn from false information can never be called "factual." They may be honest errors based on being misled by others' counterfactual statements, but they're still not factual. A fact is something that is objectively true, by definition. And second, there was absolutely no information in the first post about books being pulled off of e-readers. That was your own extrapolation beyond what was actually stated.
OK, so factual is maybe wrong - I should've said "logical". Based on the OP and on previous experience of Amazon and other e-reader manufacturers pulling titles, my deductions could hardly be claimed to be illogical.

Anyway... moving on...

Valeyard: Thank you very much for the explanation you've provided (and for defending me), it's nice to see at least one person here can give corrective information without jumping down people's throats.
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