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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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trust me feeling is mutual.

And for being anti-social, perhaps, I am more of get the job done well or don't bother doing it. If I explain things to the team before the mission and they mess up, i.e do not stick to the team and help out, but instead do their own thing, I am out of there.

Just so we set the records straight.
Glad you came in here to make sure you trashed us all, in between bouts of asking us to check out your builds and provide feedback. Why bother, if we're a bunch of toolbags in the first place, and you're so great? Doing a lot of posting in here considering how much we all suck...
I was replying to Timelord, w.e

He brought up things I just expanded bit on why I left TrekBBs fleet. As to how active you are w/e its totally irrelevant to me now, I am no longer part of that fleet, as to my build I did that few weeks ago as I only re-started my star trek online gaming, so I was still way behind on things, and since this is a star trek online forum, I've asked for help with issues, no the TrekBBS fleet, but STO players here. And TL was rather annoying way back than, he'd invite me to some stupid player challenge PVP when I was in the middle of my mission, i'd decline first ,he'd come 2nd time 5-10 min later and i'd reply in the middle of something than he'd come 3rd time, I tolerated that for few weeks, but it really did piss me off and so among many other things i left.

I did appreciate when help was there when I needed it and I did help the fleet with loads of stuff, adding credits, consoles and stuff, so I wasn't inactive in TrekBBs fleet, problem was I the only active player there it seemed to me at least.

PS, Anyways, I'll continue to play Star Trek Online, but my contribution to this thread and this section of the forum has come to an end. I am Star Trek fan thus ill post on other forum sections when I feel like contributing, but from this moment on I' shall desist from posting here. If I could I'd delete all my posts here.
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