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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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trust me feeling is mutual.

And for being anti-social, perhaps, I am more of get the job done well or don't bother doing it. If I explain things to the team before the mission and they mess up, i.e do not stick to the team and help out, but instead do their own thing, I am out of there.
KINDA agree, but you're taking it way too far. The kind of player that quits a STF if the optional isn't working out, screwing the rest of the group completely. Especially when the optional reward is crap, and the only reason to grind these things anyway is for the random number generator at the end. So you can see why people are upset when someone screws over their team and ragequits over something so trivial in the first place?

It is waste of my time, I'd rather be doing something else than waste it on some dimwit who can't follow a simple rule.
No argument there, which is why I don't generally join PUG groups in the first place. Join the EliteSTF channel, or the Fleet Event equivalent, and get paired up with people that know which end of the phaser to hold. pairing yourself up with newbies, and then getting butthurt over them PLAYING like newbies is insane. You might get lucky with your group, but you're rolling the dice.

And btw every senior player I've come across does the same, if he/she is stuck in a team of noobs, they rather take 1 hour penalty than waste their time.
Again, why are all these senior players in PUG queues to begin with? I don't get into those lines unless I'm bored, and then know the risks. You're in a super-active, totally awesome fleet that does nothing but help each other, available 24/7, why the hell are you in the PUG queue? Shouldn't you have people always ready to run these with you?

And to reply to your Que question, I need fleet marks, I do not offer lessons in how to play the game
You mean, the thing you just bitched Timelord (and the rest of us) out for not doing? That's the thing you're too L33T to help out with? Not saying you gotta spend your time teaching, but if you are playing with noobs to begin with, gotta have more patience, and if you help them understand the deal, they'll usually try and help. Some are just 'tards that ignore team chat completely, but can't be helped.

Reason why I left TrekBBS fleet was cause of inactivity and lack of help in the fleet, I was on my own every time I played STO, and you'd come in with your stupid player challenges (very immature thing considering I was a noob) and trying to prove something how superior player you're.
That thing really pissed me off, one of the reasons why I left, couldn't stand your nonsense anymore, and put you on my ignore.
And now you've randomly moved on to personal insults? Huh? Not the most active fleet, but know I've always tried to help out when people are on, and always send out invites for fleet events or STFs when I'm on. No idea where you're coming from with the 'stupid player challenges' thing. Do stuff or don't, no one's making you do anything. Also free to start your OWN events if you see a gap you want to fill. whining after the fact is less productive, and can't say I've seen Timelord do any of that stuff anyway.

And again, participate where you like, ignore what you don't. If people are roleplaying and you wanna do STFs, just skip it and set up a STF run, don't stomp your feet.

Star Trek online is a game, but there are limits how far you can go before you piss off other players with your nonsense my limit was when I left the fleet.

Just so we set the records straight.
Glad you came in here to make sure you trashed us all, in between bouts of asking us to check out your builds and provide feedback. Why bother, if we're a bunch of toolbags in the first place, and you're so great? Doing a lot of posting in here considering how much we all suck...
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