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Re: Barnes and Noble Suied by three publishers.

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So how is any of what you posted actually correct?
All of it is, because it was a GENERAL OPINION.
Uhh, no, because an opinion based on incorrect data is not correct. It makes no sense to defend an opinion as "right" when it's based on a misunderstanding of the facts.

At NO POINT did I state that books actually WERE being pulled in this instance...
What you said was:

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Still not comfortable with them being able to pull stuff off your e-reader - even if you do get your money back.
You were the one who introduced the idea of books being pulled into this thread in the first place, because the first post said absolutely nothing about that. All it said was, " if you bought ebooks dating back to 2010 you will receive a full refund in the form of a gift card." Which was untrue, because any refund is only partial.

I have to go on the information that's provided, and based on the information that's provided in the first post, my statements are 100% factual.
That is a meaningless sentence. First off, conclusions drawn from false information can never be called "factual." They may be honest errors based on being misled by others' counterfactual statements, but they're still not factual. A fact is something that is objectively true, by definition. And second, there was absolutely no information in the first post about books being pulled off of e-readers. That was your own extrapolation beyond what was actually stated.

There's no need to get defensive about this. You were misled, you drew a wrong conclusion, that's all. It happens to the best of us. There's nothing wrong with it, nothing to be ashamed of, so you don't need to defend or justify it. Just abandon the mistaken idea and move on with a better understanding of the truth.
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