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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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That said, I do find t odd that the comics are suggesting that only 18 months have passed. I wonder why they slowed down?
Probably they want to extend and capitalize on the drama related to Lori's pregnancy. And she cannot be pregnant for 18 months.

Great episode. IIRC however most people without meds and modern medicine die form an amuptation. Wasn't the mortality rate of such procedures during the civil war nearly 90% or even higher? So it seems unlikely to me that Herschel without antibiotics and only a belt to stop the bleeding would be able to live.

The execution of the prisoners was necessary. Rick saw the crazy guy was likely a murderer based on his behavior with the zombie's and had to rid the group of the hazards of keeping him around.

I was a little confused however why the young black kid ran? But in the end Rick has completed his transformation from reasonable nice guy to complete survivalist who will do anything to protect the group.
I was under the impression that one of the things that Carl came back with, in addition to bandages, was antibiotics.

As for why the kid ran, well he panicked for one. But, assuming they followed the same dynamic from the comics, the guy was also something of a follower who lost his bearing once his alpha was gone. Plus he figured, that Rick was going to kill him (not an unreasonable assumption given Rick's attitude at that point).

As for the ep, I LOVED it when the prisoners went all "prison riot" on the zombies...and it was totally ineffective...while Rick, Daryl and T-Dog just stood there shaking their heads.

These guys have come a long way.

Also it was an interesting twist to see the fate of some of the prisoners as civilization fell. It explains why that wing of the prison was much emptier.

As a side note, does anyone else think that from the outside, that place looks less like a penitentiary and more like fortified warehouses with fences? Its too bad that they could not have found some abandoned prison to use for the set. Prisons have more than chanlink fences...they have thick heavy walls, bullet proof glass and thick heavy doors.
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