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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Aaaaand it's done. UCI confirms USADA's recommended penalties. No recourse against that decision from what I understand, it's final: Armstrong has never won the Tour de France.
This whole Lance Armstrong doping business smacks to me of character assassination. I don't trust the media for they just suck up to character assassination without questioning the facts, I don't trust the anti-doping agencies because if they were doing their jobs none of these scandals would occur. The fact is big money is involved, that means there must be results and the best must be better so have them cheat and bribe the USADA or whatever anti-doping organization.

In today's world you were either born famous/successful/rich or you made it by getting lucky, cheating and grafting, or you have insider knowledge. It's funny but the more mainstream and commercialized a sport, the more these 'revelations' about doping come out.

Lance Armstrong is just another classic ritualistic sacrifice designed to maintain the illusion that the USADA is doing its job, whilst crushing quite a few people's hopes and it won't really do anything to the sport. Because people will still watch it and will forget about this doping scandal thanks to the trivialized 24/7 media. That's what 'they' want; a good farce to distract the sheeple.

Besides if Lance Armstrong was the world's best, and they all cheated, it just proves he was special. Or perhaps he outcheated the cheaters. Besides this whole doping thing is a bit of a misnomer; athletes are supposedly the perfect physical specimens of humanity. If they're perfect most of that was made through design and a little help from their genes to. I mean if you eat a special food which makes your heart faster you can have it, but if you take some drugs to achieve the same affect that's a no-no?

Maybe there should be two classes for sports and cycling; the doping league and the non-doping league?
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