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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

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We do like someone to be reading. After all, otherwise, we'd just be confining our stuff to our hard drives, or our noggins. But we don't.

I think writers also do (or probably should) write to the audience at least a bit, in the sense of creating art that is accessible and understandable. I don't believe it's pandering to make the vision clear. After all, the readers aren't in our heads (at least, I hope not). Hence if the character's internal motivations are important, they need to be explained or at least hinted at, and not just - oh, the readership will get it.

Well, what happens if they don't?
You're talking about making a story accesible or even coherent to a reader. That's different than to pander to your audience.

An example would be to write a Voyager fan-fic because you know there is a big audience for it even though you don't really care for Voyager at all.
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