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Re: The characters and universe post-TOS

In TMP, I liked the idea of Decker in command, with a couple of new faces on the crew, whilst keeping a few legends onboard to see them through.

The later films, it just seems kinda nuts that they would still be serving together for thirty-odd years. Spock was a Captain in his own right, he should have had an Oberth-Class science ship, maybe taken Chekov along with him. Scotty should have transferred to the Excelsior, with him onboard then transwarp would have been a success. Sulu should have had a ship of his own by TWOK, maybe the Reliant, though he'd survive the encounter with Khan. Uhura could have made Captain, or at the very least XO. Leave Kirk on the Enterprise with Bones for company and a new crew of ambitious go-getters.
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