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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

Hmm - which one was that?
"Where No Man" probably has the most iconic appearance:

A nice bow shot with lots of illumination, including the bridge front panel glow - and the centermost of the three round things at the saucer rim is blinking, while the other two are dark.

Well since we obsessed fans are so fond of referencing his thoughts and work on the initial Enterprise that he designed then he seems like a good starting point. That and I was checking if Sonic Ranger had a reference from MJ.
I second the sentiments, but thinking that MJ had anything to do with the ion pod sounds like a long shot...

TOS-R never identifies that cavity and replacement cover as an ion pod. Ever. As far as the episode goes, it could be just a blown light bulb that is part of the "considerable damage". TOS-R's Ion Pod still will remain a mystery.
Hmm, true enough. But identifying this odd fixture as an ion pod is an excellent match for what we are being told about ion pods, and the fanprint precedent and its possible connection to author intent exists, so I'm ready to declare the mystery solved for the TOS-R part. But far be it from me to close down venues of speculation: the more interpretations I can loudly declare plausible, the better.

Timo Saloniemi
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