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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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Yet there were only 4 lights that blinked.
The big round thing at the very bow of the saucer blinked, too. On occasion. At other times, it did not. Another odd "marking" or fixture of the original ship to discuss...
Hmm - which one was that?

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is there one from MJ that labels it as an ion pod?
Why would there be? MJ didn't design the Enterprise.
Well since we obsessed fans are so fond of referencing his thoughts and work on the initial Enterprise that he designed then he seems like a good starting point. That and I was checking if Sonic Ranger had a reference from MJ.

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In TOS, they wouldn't be for an ion pod since there are two of them and they would've been referred to as "ion podS"
a) Only if both are "ion" pods. If they just happen to be pods, of which one is of the ion variant, no prob.

b) And/or only if two were available during "Court Martial". It would make overall plot sense if the ship had previous experience on ion storms and Finney thus wouldn't have to build his nefarious plot on completely unique (and therefore suspicious) circumstances; perhaps the other pod was already expended? Remember the opposition expressed in previous pages at the idea that there would only be one pod in existence? Two is an excellent compromise that still keeps an ion storm hunt as a suitably rare event and opportunity that warrants the taking of extreme risks.
That brings up an interesting point. TOS-R never identifies that cavity and replacement cover as an ion pod. Ever. As far as the episode goes, it could be just a blown light bulb that is part of the "considerable damage". TOS-R's Ion Pod still will remain a mystery.
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