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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Sons and Daughters (**)

Sons and Daughters isn't a bad episode, but it has the misfortune to follow on from four of the best episodes of the series, perhaps the best run of episodes in the franchise, and fail to live up to their standard. It also has some niggling continuity issues.

Alexander has reached the ripe old age of 8, and now he's ready to become a warrior on a Klingon ship. Fair enough, Klingons are a rather dumb species, maybe they reach maturity faster than humans because they historically didn't spend as much time having to learn things. Learn to talk, learn to walk, learn to throw rocks at things: congratulations, you're now a mature Klingon! However, Alexander seems to have lost track of time and thinks that Worf abandoned him five years ago when I only count three years, but maybe that's because Alexander left school when he was 8 and didn't learn to count properly. Admittedly, it has been a long time since I've rewatched TNG, and during my most recent rewatch I skipped most of the Alexander episodes because they're shite, but I don't remember Worf being as bad a dad as Alexander makes him out to be. He was never going to win the title of galaxy's best dad, but he did try to relate to Alexander, he did learn as the series progressed, and he did come to accept that Alexander didn't want to become a warrior. But now Alexander does want to become a warrior for some reason that's never explained. Go figure.

I can understand why DS9 chose not to include Alexander when Worf joined the show (because Alexander episodes were shite, and that bears repeating), so Alexander does have a bit of a point when he says that Worf abandoned him, and I'm glad that DS9 finally got around to addressing that Worf is a father. But this was not the time nor best way to address these issues. And the solution is rather lame; Alexander becomes a made man in the Martok family. Yay?

The Kira story is a better, but also poorly placed in the arc. Following on from her reawakening in the previous episode, she dozes off again, and her work in forming a resistance cell is put on hold so that she can hang out with Ziyal. Bringing Ziyal back to the station is important set-up for her death, and the episode puts the pieces in place well enough that you barely even notice what's really going on. Dukat's sleazy charm is also entertaining to watch, and Kira's bluntness in rejecting him displays some of the qualities that make her character so great. The episode could have done with a bit more of Kira and Odo organising their resistance in the background to keep the arc moving, but it's okay without that.

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