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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I am sorry, but you leaving after even losing a single freighter and not getting a perfect result makes you the kind of player I have absolutly no desire to play with.
It makes you very antisocial.
Sure someone made a mistake, but you deliberately screw up the entire mission for 4 other people! Think about that.
Why are you even playing the queues at all if you are in a 400 people fleet?
Anyway, playing the queues means accepting that not everything will always go pitch perfect.
trust me feeling is mutual.

And for being anti-social, perhaps, I am more of get the job done well or don't bother doing it. If I explain things to the team before the mission and they mess up, i.e do not stick to the team and help out, but instead do their own thing, I am out of there.

It is waste of my time, I'd rather be doing something else than waste it on some dimwit who can't follow a simple rule.

And btw every senior player I've come across does the same, if he/she is stuck in a team of noobs, they rather take 1 hour penalty than waste their time.

And to reply to your Que question, I need fleet marks, I do not offer lessons in how to play the game, I'll help fleet teammates with credits, consoles and stuff, give them briefing on how to play each mission if we are doing a mission, or fleet event, but the fact that I had to learn this game on my own, especially after coming back from a year absence.

Reason why I left TrekBBS fleet was cause of inactivity and lack of help in the fleet, I was on my own every time I played STO, and you'd come in with your stupid player challenges (very immature thing considering I was a noob) and trying to prove something how superior player you're.

That thing really pissed me off, one of the reasons why I left, couldn't stand your nonsense anymore, and put you on my ignore.

Star Trek online is a game, but there are limits how far you can go before you piss off other players with your nonsense my limit was when I left the fleet.

Just so we set the records straight.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

Benjamin Franklin

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