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Re: Merlin Series 5

They tried something new.

but it's hard for the ghost to be spooky when it's someone we know.

Tony "Iron Man" Stark said something about Thanos the Mad Titan (the bloke at the end of the movie) in a comic book recently... "He's not a Demigod, he's an asshole." They censored the word asshole, but you get my point, Ghosts are scary because they are an unknown... This was just the same old asshole up to the same old asshole games.

Merlin should have ripped his soul into little pieces for all the shit Uthur put him through when he was living, none of this gentle softcock bullshit about guiding back to a heavenly afterlife reward.

Merlin needs to stop Clark Kenting it and sack up, admit who he is and stop the witch burnings and crucifixions and general all purpose genocide the laws of Camelot still subscribe to.
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