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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Welcome Fellow Trekkies? Ah, one of your Earth customs...

So I'm Jason, from Winston-Salem (NC born but not raised!). Growing up (in Fort Wayne, Indiana) I probably read more about Star Trek than I ever did much watching, thanks to the Encyclopedia and the Chronology. I did have the 6 TOS films + Generations in a box set, so I watched those (upgrading to the special edition DVD sets later). TNG and DS9 got shuffled all over the place on my local stations (TOS was nowhere to be found...or maybe I just didn't look that hard), and by the time Voyager started airing on UPN, well, we had either cable or DirecTV that didn't carry UPN! (oh, the fun of syndication!)

Mostly I just watched episodes where I could; it wasn't until very recently when I snagged the TOS DVD sets, followed by the TNG DVD sets and then the TOS Blu-ray sets (thanks eBay!) that I could really dig in and finally catch up on all those episodes that I'd read the Okuda's plot summaries of for so long! Now I'm here and enjoying what I've read so far as a lurker; trying to participate more, if I have something to contribute.
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