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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Tonight's episode pretty much said - in so many words - that the inability of anyone to leave Storybrooke without losing their memories of who they were in Fairy Tale Land directly tied in with Rumple bringing back magic, and wasn't something he was expecting to happen.

Speaking of tonight's episode, here's my full review:
I liked this episode a lot, but think I missed the very beginning of the episode. I did like the relationship between Captain Jones (AKA Hook), Rumplestiltskin, and Milah, and was thrilled with how the writers keep on adding new layers to Rumple's character, since, with every new piece of the puzzle they unveil about him, the more they reinforce his role as the 'Snape' of the series.

This show is the first series that I've ever seen Emile De Raven in, but I really like her as an actress, and, while her character isn't quite as fleshed-out as some of the others in the series, I still find myself rooting for her and wanting to see more of her. I also really like the complexity of her relationship with Rumple/Gold, because it reflects all of the complexity and poignancy of the Disney fairytale relationship between her and The Beast as played out in both the animated film and its stage musical adaptation from which she comes, but also branches out into new territory, creating new levels of complexity. I'm also glad that Belle didn't just passively let her father's heavy-handedness stand and called him on the carpet about it because it makes her more than just the 'damsel in distress', which is how her character has played itself out thus far.

Speaking of Belle's father, something that I was struck by in this episode was that his actions evoked images of Regina's conversation with Rumple in Skin Deep where she let him think that Belle was dead since what Mo tried to do is eerily similar to what Regina told Rumple that he'd done during said conversation, which casts a brand-new light on that conversation and on Regina's character, since it brings into sharp focus the possibility that what she told Rumple wasn't a complete fabrication and that what she said Maurice did might've been true to a point.

I knew thanks to the credits that Barbara Hershey was going to be in this episode, but I wasn't expecting her appearance to play out like it did, and find myself really wanting to find out more about the relationship between her and Hook. I'm also hoping we find out how both he and she ended up stranded in the post-curse Fairy Tale Land since it is highly likely - based on what we know - that they were both in other places (Neverland and Wonderland, respectively) when Regina activated the Dark Curse 28 years earlier.

I also liked the story development of Charming/David temporarily taking Emma's job as Sheriff, because it adds another level of connection between father and daughter and ties them together even though they're currently apart.
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