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While I agree a prequel is probably the most likely approach (*if* they're even worried about post-ending complications) I don't agree that centring it in the First Contact War is a suitable setting. For one thing the outcome is already known, so that immediately limits the scope of any story they choose to tell.
How does knowing the outcome limit the scope? We don't know the outcome for the CHARACTERS involved, or how and to what extent they were involved in the war's conclusion. We don't even know if they'll survive to see the end of it, nor do we know what they did in the aftermath.

Seems to me the scope is no more "limited" than it was in Mass Effect 3 when your fundamental imperative is to run around building allies to help build the crucible; the First Contact War is likely to be far LESS limited, especially if the main character isn't a member of the military. Considering the way the Leviathan DLC turned out, I could see Bioware producing a game where a merchant captain winds up on the wrong side of a mass relay and has to cruise around the galaxy, making contact with aliens he's never heard of, searching for clues and resources and information that will let him convince the right people to introduce him to the right organizations that will help him rescue his wife and kid from Shanxi. You might add a bit to the adventure of the story if said Captain doesn't have any real information about the relay network and an important part of the game involves searching for the locations of the mass relays and/or threatening/charming/bribing local officials in order to get the access codes to use them (you could, I think, expand the usual character evolution"Paragon - Renegade - Entrepreneur").

The prequel idea does have some drawbacks though. For one they're going to have to either go back to weapons that cool down, or find some way around having a reload mechanic without thermal clips.
Or they could just retcon the cooldown system entirely and pretend it always worked that way. People would notice, but it's not like anyone would care.

That may seem minor from a story POV, but it's really at the core of the gameplay mechanics and that's not something that can be changed lightly.
Then why'd they change it in the first place?

Also, while it'll be tempting to have familiar faces show up (young Anderson, Saren, TIM etc.) their involvement and interactions will have to be very limited.
Why? Again, the events of their respective pasts are sufficiently vague that they could have been involved in a massive set of galaxy-threatening adventures and we'd be none the wiser. It's not like the Codex contains a detailed biography on them.
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