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The Micro Machine sets

I'm sure I'm not the only one here with fond memories of these little guys. To this day, I'll occasionally take a gander at that third set I was never able to acquire on eBay, invariably going for two or three Benjamins.

One thing I've always wondered is who exactly was in charge of picking which ships they'd make a toy out of?

Now you have the obvious ones: We had all the Enterprises up to that point, and all other "hero" ships and stations (DS9, Voyager, Excelsior, Runabout, Defiant).

You had pretty much all the ships of best known and/or often seen aliens (Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Borg, and eventually Jem'Hadar). You also had all the Kazon ships, which were pretty regular on Voyager at the time, plus the Maquis ship and Caretaker array, both of which were pretty prominent in the premiere.

You had a couple of other notable Starfleet ships: Reliant, Grissom, Stargazer, Saratoga, Farragut (which was really only notable for being the best shot of a Nebula class ship, but I'm glad they included one of this class), and a few shuttles and space stations.

By the end, though, they were starting to do a number of "ship of the week" types. like the Miradorn, Klaestron, Numiri, and Karemma ships (or that weird "solar sailing ship"). I don't have a problem with this. I'm curious what made some get picked and not others:

-I'm surprised, for instance, that they never made one for the Merchantman despite being pretty clearly seen in ST3. (I'd rather have seen that than the Spacedock shuttle). The Jenolan certainly wasn't one of the more graceful looking Starfleet ships, but that one might've been nice.

-I'm not sure who picked the inaccurately named "Cardassian Obsidian" (really a Keldon-class, which was just a Galor with some spare parts slapped on). I'd rather have seen the smaller Cardassian ship we saw in "Profit and Loss" and "Tribunal".

-The T'Pau is one that might've been interesting to see, along with the Batris/Xhosa.

-I'm not generally a fan of asymetrical ships (except the Breen one), so probably just as well they never did the Borg ship from "Descent"

-The Tholian ship might've been the one notable TOS ship they missed.

-I would've liked to have seen the Groumall from "Return to Grace" and the Vidiian ship from "Deadlock", but it might've been too late for those ships.

Of course nothing got released after '96, meaning no Dominion warships, Phoenix, Prometheus, Dauntless, Equinox, Delta Flyer, or Breen ships, let alone anything from "Enterprise". Pity. I think they may have been the best licence "Trek" toy makers (or at least a tie with Playmates and Johnny Lightning).

Thoughts? Any other pre-1996 ships you think they missed?
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