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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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Why wouldn't Worf appear?
Because, IMnshO, NONE of that would happen. The past that the DS9 crew came back to in that episode is not on the same branch of reality that is Star Trek 2009's future. And it is very VERY unlikely that ANY of the human DS9 crew will be born in anything approaching the same form. Even Arne Darvin, who may have already been born, is pretty unlikely to be assigned to the same mission to sabotage the grain - it would be more likely to be some other agent, if the mission even occurs in the same way at all.
It's just as likely to happen as unlikely. There's no real reason to assume that in 100 years Ben Sisko will not be assigned to command DS9 with a Trill Science officer named Dax, a human Medical officer named Bashir, a Klingon Tactical officer named Worf.... well you get the point. Especially since its fiction and the only thing stopping it would be the author's desire.
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