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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I think it's fucking genius as far as FTP goes. If you think about it, the experience of a first-time FTPer ain't gonna be much different than mine was, being a n00b on my first MMO, which was a huge learning curve, yet still super fun and hella addicting. First time MMO players are exactly who they're targeting. An influx of MMO n00bs, a vast array of stingy Star Wars kinda sorta fans that've held out, who aren't super jaded by fully realized, expansive, accomplished, complex worlds that have been under construction for longer than a fucking decade. No they will, much like I did, wanna blow through the story, and not pay much attention to the slog and the grind and all the transport-handicaps that are forced onto them. Hell, when I was playing my 1st, I didn't even know about fleet pass and quick travel for a really really long time. I coudn't afford a speeder 'til lvl 28 or some shit. Tatooine sucked balls.

Still, first time through, you're learning, it's all new, it's all fucking worth it, and balls to the wall rewarding. Leveling, Class story, the hands down greatest shit in this game. I managed not to completely suck at a PVP maybe shortly after I had rolled my 2nd toon. Flashpoints? Guilds? Mumble? Naw, fuck people, I'm soloing all o' dis! My point being, an experience is being forced on n00bs who, for lack of knowing better, wouldn't even notice shit was missing. However they do know, and by the time they roll a second toon, they will have grown slightly tired of repeating planet quests and how long getting around takes. And for sake of convenience and further enjoyment of the game, they'll sub and stay at least 6 months longer until they've experienced all of the class stories.

I know I'll be back to do at least my final toon, a smuggler. I might even start raiding heavily and shit. And reroll additional 8 toons on a dif server, all chicks this time, romance dudes or wait out SGR, all opposite advanced classes and alignments, all with French speech. Learn a fucking language, why not. All of that, but never as an FTPer, I've worked too hard on my legacy unlocks. I'm just slightly pissed that it sounds like I'll have to have resubbed before FTP launches to get any cartel coins. Or am I hearing that wrong? I'm not in the country, nowhere near fast internet or my bitching desktop, and I might be extending my stay here. Loving life in "the bush". TL;DR I think FTP is gonna kick major ass for Bioware.
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