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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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The funny thing is that in the comics the timeline initially progressed alot faster than it did in the show.
Ah, right, I had forgotten how quickly the timeline progressed in the early issues. Looking back at old issues, it seems that Rick woke in late summer in issue #1; by issue #5, winter has started. Looking back at #10, though, they were still in winter when Otis led the group to Hershel's Farm.

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That said, I do find t odd that the comics are suggesting that only 18 months have passed. I wonder why they slowed down?
The sixteen months bit came from editor Sina Grace in the letters column for #90. I think the comics timeline started slowing down after the survivors reached the prison; that location alone anchored the group for six story arcs (approximately thirty-six issues). As best as I can recall*, there have been relatively few time jumps in between issues since that point.

(* Admittedly, my memory could be pretty off on that - for most of the series' life so far, I've been reading the comics in the big hardcover volumes. A pretty decent amount of time, of course, passes in between each of those volumes. It's only within the last few weeks that I've started reading single issues.)
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