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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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Various shapes were illuminated equally on the original model.
Yet there were only 4 lights that blinked. And no, we're not revisiting a certain TNG episode about there being "5 lights"

The two lights that blinked at the ventral edge of the saucer and the two lights on the engineering hull, near the shuttle hatch.

Are you suggesting then that the other three lights are "ion pods"?

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Can you show me a single Matt Jefferies sketch or vintage blueprint that labels that as a running light?
I would hope you mean "vintage blueprint" as "non-fan-created blueprint". In any case, is there one from MJ that labels it as an ion pod?

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For TOS to "clearly reveal" that it was a running light, we'd need Scotty telling Kirk that his crews just changed that running light bulbs on both sides of the shuttlebay.
I'd argue instead that those two blinking lights that flank the shuttlebay are some type of retractable sensors or special-purpose lights because they apparently can retract and be covered with a flush door when not needed.

In TOS, they wouldn't be for an ion pod since there are two of them and they would've been referred to as "ion podS" and Kirk would have two jettison buttons for Port and Starboard or to Jettison Ion PodS (as in multiple). As far as TOS goes, the Ion Pod's look and location will forever be a mystery.

In TOS-R, we could argue that ONLY the Starboard-side blinking light was replaced with an unseen external Ion Pod attachment that is not the same as the lightbulb dome we see being used to cover up the opening during the repairs. That way, it still satisfies ONE pod to jettison since only ONE pod was attached for just flying into an ion storm to take readings. If they didn't have the emergency, they would've waited for a scheduled stop at a starbase to swap the pod for the old blinking bulb.
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