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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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So I guess they probably will have to move the timeline forward in the show if it keeps going for years. As long as Carl is around they'll probably need to move things along faster to reflect the actor's age.
The amusing thing about season three right now, to me at least, is that the show's timeline has been moved forward and the story is still moving somewhat in the same direction as the comics (in terms of location timing at the least). Here's hoping the interludes between each subsequent season won't involve the characters driving around in circles.

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I think the hint is significantly obtuse, especially when you consider
On, in this case, sure, but my previous statement was meant in a general sense for all hints, not solely this specific one (and for all people, including myself, who know details about the comics).
The funny thing is that in the comics the timeline initially progressed alot faster than it did in the show. For instance, in the comics, the group sticks around Atlanta for much longer and only really hits the road when winter comes (and after Shane's death). They find the Greene farm and prison in the spring. The TV series gave us a much more drawn out summer and fall and skipped winter entirely. From the perspective of the timeline, they've found the prison right on time.

That said, I do find t odd that the comics are suggesting that only 18 months have passed. I wonder why they slowed down?
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