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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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How many teams are there are we told? Does one of these teams end up on Atlantis(I know I'm way ahead of myself but my mind is just thinking now). If that can be answered un-spolerific, great, if not I'm content to just be left wondering for awhile.
In the first season there's only nine SG teams, but each season more get added and by the end of the series I think there's around twenty-five.

Atlantis has its own military contingent with its own SG teams, though it's never indicated how many teams they have.

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You do get to see more of the Tollan, and the Nox.

Hrm... You folks have seen the Ernest episode more recently than I have, but if Ernest went through the gate during WW-II he would preceded the creation of the UN and would've instead thought of it as a "League of Nations." I'll bet the UN phrase was Daniel's.
As I recall, the episode has Daniel reading that description in Ernest's journal. I agree, I've always thought it odd that Ernest would use the term "United Nations" but figured it was used to make things easier for anyone in the audience not familiar with the UN's history. Or the writer wasn't aware of or forgot about the League of Nations. Or both.
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