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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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in the middle of the mission with players who couldn't give a **** is hard and nearly impossible, they mess things up and that is that, you'll never ever see them again, hopefully.
You're gonna lose the mission anyway; might as well improve the community. They're queuing for base defense; you WILL run into them again.
no. most of them don't talk back, they just do their stuff, I lost interest in explaining things to anyone outside my fleet, if we lose a single freighter, i am out of that mission before you can say Essex girls are easy. Often I can restart another mission without any penalty, sometimes there's 1 hour penalty, but happened to me only once. I won't waste my time with players who can't understand simple instructions at the start, plz plz defend all 3 freighters, aim for smaller warships, frigates or corvettes, thank you very much.

If they don't care, why should I, and losing a single freighter is a loss of 10 marks, loosing all 3 literally means you're wasting your time on that mission anyways.

Same goes with the cure if player doesn't understand that protecting Kang after taking down first cube is a priority and taking down raptors is far more important than taking down 2nd cube on your own when others are trying to save Kang, or 10% rule in infection or making sure no probes go through the gate in KA,...

I know, we all have a learning curve and mine was over a year ago when we did these missions as part of TrekBBS fleet, indeed it was a good learning curve, but I've played some missions with same players and they continue to mess things up, so there's little or no hope for them.

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