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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP


Just a friendly reminder that this project is about what's on screen. Not what is written in TMOST or in FJ's work or other printed material.

With that being said, I own FJ's Tech Manual and his blueprints and I respect him for being the first one to try and blueprint out the Enterprise (AFAIK). He may not have got it screen accurate but he is part of what inspired me to do this project and we can see from Havoc92's work that good stuff can come of it.

I also own TMOST and a bunch of other Trek materials too and enjoy reading them.

But that isn't what this project is about so even though I (and we) can gain insight from these printed materials, if there isn't any evidence to back it up on screen then I'm likely not going to use it for the project.

Now, back to the modeling
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