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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Sadly there are loads of idiots who know nothing about 10% rule or starabase defence rules i.e protecting all 3 freighters, sticking as a team and protecting your spawning ground in stage 3, it can be really frustrating especially when you have level 20-30 coming in playing on your team, they stand no chance in a million and you need to plug the holes left by these inept players, you can;t tell them to piss off or leave the game/team it would be too rude, but by the time they realize what mess they've caused its too late. very frustrating, instead of getting 55-75 fleet marks, sometimes 15-20 suffices.
Telling them to leave would need to be repeated infinitely; teaching them how to play better only needs to be done a finite number of times per bad player.
in the middle of the mission with players who couldn't give a **** is hard and nearly impossible, they mess things up and that is that, you'll never ever see them again, hopefully.

If I do missions with my fleet m8s i tell them how to do it, this is if they don't know how to do it. short pre-mission briefing is all they need.
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