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Re: The trouble with trailers for 3D films.....

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The trouble with trailers for 3D films..... that they need to be attached to a 3D movie.
I am not sure this is correct. I've been to 3D films when, during the previews, I noticed some random previews were not in 3D. Upon removing the glasses sure enough, a 2D preview set among 3D previews.
Yes. I was at a 3D movie where they first showed a batch of previews in 2D. After that, a disembodied voice said "please put on your 3D glasses now" for the last preview or two, which were in 3D.

I'm not saying they would do this for Star Trek; if the movie is 3D, thenthe trailer would be 3D. However, in theaters where that movie (the movie which the Star Trek trailer is attached) is only being shown in 2D, the Star Trek trailer would also be in 2D. There are theaters that show movies only in 2D -- even the 3D movies.
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