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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Here are some romulan/omega reputation data fresh from tribble:

Tier I: Unlocks at 5,000 Reputation
Tier II: Unlocks at 10,000 Reputation
Tier III: Unlocks at 17,500 Reputation
Tier IV: Unlocks at 22,500 Reputation
Tier V: Unlocks at 40,000 Reputation

Supply Romulan Star Empire
9 Romulan Marks
300 Dilithium
2 Common Duty Officers
2,750 Expertise
20 Large Hypos
20 Major Regenerators
40 hours wait time
Rewards 800 Romulan Reputation
Notes: Using only this project to upgrade reputation will require a longer period of time but consume fewer resources.

Support Colonization Efforts of Romulan Star Empire
17 Romulan Marks
900 Dilithium
5,500 Expertise
50 Provisions
40 Water Purification Systems
10 Entertainment Provisions
40 hours wait time
Rewards 2,000 Romulan Reputation
Notes: Using only this project to upgrade reputation will require a shorter period of time but consume more resources.

Omega Fleet projects have identical costs and rewards. Devs have said Elite STF will reward 60 omega marks. This means only takes one single Elite STF run and a 4-5 day waiting period to unlock tier 1. Assuming project cost doubles with every tier, I estimate that it will require 1,800 marks and a minimum of 3 months to reach tier 5 reputation with one faction.

If your character is able to run 2-3 romulan fleet actions every 3 days, you'll have enough Romulan Marks to reach tier 5 in 3 months.

If your character is able to run 1 Elite STF every 3 days, you'll have enough Omega Marks to reach tier 5 in 3 months.

It should be easy to hit the above targets if you play STO on a regular basis. So for myself, I'm going to exchange all my EDCs and Borg Salvage for dilithium rather than wait for them to be converted into Marks as I know I will not have any issues hitting the above targets.
I've equipped all my ships with maco sets, i've realized that season 7 might bring new stuff, and since I can only refine 8000 dilithium per day it was pointless converting in to dilithium ore, already have enough ore to last me a whole week without doing any dill missions.

I'll only need to upgrade my other toons to max now and get them maco sets as well before season 7.

Sadly i tried to transfer extra maco sets to my other toons through bank but that is not possible.

Update, replaced my old ship with a new fleet tactical escort now,

It is much better than older defiant, also I am now in a nice fleet, with 400 active members, there abouts, and tier 4 starabse in workings, tier 4 shipyards completed just now, and quite helpful fleet too, at any point there are 20-25 members online, with 30-32 members in peak times, some are pvp players that do pvp missions and some are like me do all sorts of stuff, I like to do STF missions and starabse 24 defence missions for fleet marks.

Sadly there are loads of idiots who know nothing about 10% rule or starabase defence rules i.e protecting all 3 freighters, sticking as a team and protecting your spawning ground in stage 3, it can be really frustrating especially when you have level 20-30 coming in playing on your team, they stand no chance in a million and you need to plug the holes left by these inept players, you can;t tell them to piss off or leave the game/team it would be too rude, but by the time they realize what mess they've caused its too late. very frustrating, instead of getting 55-75 fleet marks, sometimes 15-20 suffices.

Game is getting bigger and hopefully better, only thing that really is annoying is the poor quality of some players and ease of progress through the ranks, most players don't understand game at all and by the time they are VA level 50, progress should be much tougher, it should take at least 3 months for player to progress from level 1 to level 50 or 55 w.e they bring on in season 7.

I am still learning about Doffs and how to use them best way, have unlocked additional doff slots so i can have more missions, mistakenly believing i might get extra assignment slots, that is not the case, max is 23-25 assignment slots one player can have at any given time.

I am still learning sto jargon, quite a lot to catch up to, but the fleet i am in is quite good and very helpful so it shouldn't take too long.

that was my update
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