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Re: The trouble with trailers for 3D films.....

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Abrams shoots his movies on 35mm film. 3D cameras are digital-only, so the film will not be natively 3D.
I recall reading something about them shooting scenes as written, with all actors in place and dialogue spoken, and then for each scene doing a "second pass" through the empty set, duplicating exactly all of the camera movements of the filmed "live" take. Would that second pass be with a 3D or digital camera, do you suppose?
Probably film as well, since I figure they're using the reference pass to rebuild the backgrounds behind characters for the 3D conversion. The second pass wouldn't be 3D itself, just gathering image data to help with conversion, and you'd need it to match the appearance of the regular footage to do that.

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That's true, unless it's motion control, you really could not get the exact same move. I'd assume that they're doing it as sort of a reference pass to assist in the conversion. They won't be using the 3d footage directly, but as a reference to line up their 3d cards when they do the actual conversion.
This is just an assumption on my part, but I assume the purpose of the second pass is to plug any holes in the image produced by "cutting out" the characters for the 3D conversion. As I understand it, normally they have to artificially generate the content seen around the edges of foreground objects (a la the clone stamp tool in Photoshop) as part of the opposite eye frames; if they have clean BG images, that task would be much easier. They'd still have to track it all in make everything line up, but I bet a clean plate would make that task much easier.
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