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Re: Movie Caption Contest #225: Unpredictable Scenarios

Robert Wise: Okay, folks, I just need another 15 minutes of you staring at the screen so we can add the fx in post and we'll be all set for the day.

Yeoman: Sir, while you were gone, you received an important message.
Kirk: Yes, Yeoman, from Starfleet, I know.
Yeoman: No, sir, another important message.
Kirk: Well, let's hear it, who's it from.
Yeoman: The 20th Century, sir, they'd like their clothing back.

It was only later, after Picard remembered that the Bak'u seated the Son'a at the children's table, that he realized he probably should have picked up on the whole "The Son'a are the children of the Bak'u" thing a little earlier.
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