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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

You know I think the weakness of 1970s sci-fi is perhaps in part one of the reasons Star Trek did so well in reruns. Neither Space: 1999 (which I did like) nor Battlestar Galactica could come close to Star Trek firing on all cylinders.

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There were exceptions: Forces of Nature, Dark Page, Lower Decks, and Relics, just to name a few. But overall, yeah, that was personally my impression of TNG's last -say- two seasons, as well.
The thing about TNG's last seasons was that while its first years could be hilariously, mind-boggingly, painfully awful ("Code of Honor", "Up the Long Ladder") it was rarely if ever bland.

But I'd still say that overall TNG was a series that consistently provided a mix of good-to-excellent episodes and I'm surprised how well it's aged for me considering there's pretty much nothing I watched at eight I can watch now and still respect quite that much. When TNG was great - "The Inner Light", "The Measure of a Man" - it remains a touchstone to me for what great sci-fi TV is.

Interesting also is that Saturday morning/children's shows seem to have been excluded from discussion.
Even if we agree that there are cartoon shows from the period that can be called good, it'd be hard to claim that any of them can be called best, I think that's basically the issue there. Nobody's going to put Filmation's Flash Gordon or their Star Trek over TOS or TTZ.

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I don't know. The fact that a fairly primitive black-and-white TV series from over fifty years ago is still airing regularly on cable and is still burned into the memories of generations of fans has to say something.
That's true. Compare it to the fate of the highly respected, Emmy-award winning and socially conscious The Defenders: There's a single episode on youtube and unless you request to see the prints at a university (or watch snippets from that one Mad Men episode that aired part of its episode on abortion) the show might as well not even exist.
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