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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Yes yes that really impressed me how they actually showed him being told the facts and they continued that through the episode! I was waiting for him to say "what's she doing then?" and there to be the cut and him looking shocked. He was still asking questions through the whole thing and in a lot of shows people seem to magically adjust to the wonderment just revealed
Yeah, that's one of the critical things science-fiction offers that regular dramas don't. The Terminator series and the Matrix crucially depended on it, and it's fun to watch the character's struggle with new, unbelievable realities.

I meant to say re the indians, I do agree with you that the presentation was eye rolling, I was certainly darkly muttering about Chakotay at the beginning of that ep. But then my inner apologist kicked in and found reasons for it.
Yeah, it irritated me a little at the beginning but I surpressed it. It was on subsequent viewings, after I had absorbed the aliens and the storyline, that I really started to have trouble overlooking it.

I wonder if they tossed around the idea of writing the benevelont alien storyline (supporting a false but good religion that leaves the inhabitants dependent) with a Christian theme, with archangels answering prayers and the like, or whether that would've veered far too close to declaring Christianity to be worshipping a false god, too, upsetting too much of the fanbase.

Of course, if one of the Goa'uld system lords was named Muhammed, half the cast would probably be in hiding now.
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