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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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They say they will have more in one to three years. This looks to compete with Block II

Now 1,700 launches, newtype? R-7 was able to do that because it was funded by a nation. I hope Space X is around in 50 years. Remember too--R-7 was considered too large at first too--a product of big gov't too. So while Ayn Rands fictional heros were making skyscrapers, Korolov's cross rose much higher.
Korolev didn't succeed because of the state, he largely succeeded despite it. He had to take an extremely hands on approach, from supervising the designs and the running of the machine shop (basically being their Elon Musk, not their James Webb), to firing any underling who crossed him or screwed up, to walking up to machinists and offering them cash to do things his way. It barely worked, and once he was gone they really couldn't take things much further because government agencies are notoriously non-cooperative.
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