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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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I hope we get to see a drunk Tony in the armor flying into buildings while drunk.

If there's one thing that never gets through in these films it's that Tony's supposed to be an alcoholic. IM2 toyed with going for a Demon in the Bottle route, but the only thing close to intoxication there was the "digital neck tattoo".

The drinking scene/Ro-Bro-Brawl didn't indicate anything more than "Well, I'm going to die anyway, MIGHT AS WELL GET SHITFACED!" Plus, the effect of the palladium didn't really intoxicate Stark at all, which makes the entire plot thread meaningless other than running down the clock and providing the barest of excuses for Rhodey to get the Mark 2.

Speaking of which, what's the rationale for Tony to have half a dozen extra arc reactors just sitting in his suits all the time? I know that he wanted Rhodes to have the Mk.2, but in IM2 and the Avengers the suits are just sitting with reactors in them. For a guy who walks around with a reactor getting snuggly with his heart 24/7, why does he have a bunch of extras chilling in the suits?

EDIT: Unless the effects work isn't done, it looks like someone on the IM3 staff finally noticed this, because in the shot of the Mark VIII in the Armoire, the chests are turned off!
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