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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"Plus, in this particular example regarding decks 12 or 14, I would hardly characterize it as "idiotic" for fans of FJ to accept his take as consistent with cann, since it is. Deck 5 is given as the location of Kirks quarters in at least 2 -maybe three- episodes and this is consistent with TMoST which, by the way, also numbers the decks in such a way as to put decks 12 or 14 in the neck, and was -as pointed out above -FJ's primary source!"
I reread the entire Making of Star Trek recently and the only deck numbering it provided was for the saucer hull. It merely states the the engineering hull has 16 decks (which obviously would include the neck) but other than that it's rather vague.

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"And as you (Bob) pointed out yourself, decks 12 or 14 cannot fit in the neck, so either these deck references -or the visual cues, make canon inconsistent with itself here regarding the location of Kirk’s quarters, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to choose to go with the deck 5 location as the correct one and regard the other reference as a mistake, which it is."
I disagree. As we can clearly see between "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The Corbomite Maneuver" there has been a considerable amount of transformation, upgrades etc. in the ship's exterior and interior design and we do not know at what point in time the transformation work is finished. It's at this time Kirk's quarters (with what seem to be windows) are currently located on deck 12 in "Mudd's Women" and "The Enemy Within". In the ongoing season the "windows" are covered by these panels and we are seeing less of the exterior of Kirk's quarters (finally on deck 5 after the renovation work is finally done?)

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"That being said, I realize the Thermionic approach can be fun and challenging and I would certainly never characterize it as “Idiotic”, but some of the mental contortions people go to in order to rationalize some of this stuff is no less so than anything FJ came up with. Not everyone is a Canonista or a Thermion, but whether one is or not, it’s all good, we’re all geeks here and at the end of the day it’s all fiction anyway."
Nicely said I will, of course, withdraw my "idiotic" remark the moment the same people - that suggest to place the visible corridors and rooms from the aforementioned episodes inside the neck - also suggest a length of the TOS Enterprise of 2,000' and finally large enough to hold a "fleet of airliners".

Please, let's consider a common sense approach and a Franz Joseph detox. Instantly, there are more solutions than problems.

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