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"Here's what I don't get: you place so much stock in The Making of Star Trek yet are so dismissive of Franz Joseph. You do know that TMoST was a primary reference for him as he laid out his take on the E? Compare the notes in TMoST to his Booklet of General Plans and there is a very high degree of correlation."
Indeed I do place much stock in The Making of Star Trek (BTW, great interpretation you did with "What Would Brandon Do?"!) and especially as counsel to solve an enigma of the actual TOS footage. After all it reveals the original creators' intentions and is canon to me unless overruled by visual evidence / changed premise in TOS stating something differently.

I'd even go further: TMoST was the only reference for FJ (notice how he copied the wrongly cut phaser type 2 from TMoST for the TM). There were many episodes where we saw the actual rank stripes of commodores but FJ obviously didn't or just didn't care about accuracy.

Fact: The Making states that saucer separation from the engineering hull was planned as a regular event. Therefore the saucer hull and the engineering hull are two separate identities. The Making states that the saucer has eleven decks and the engineering hull has 16. It states nowwhere that the numbering of the saucer continues deck level-wise in the neck section of the engineering hull.
Had Franz Joseph noted down some facts while occasionally watching a Star Trek episode with his daughter (he was no fan of Star Trek and preferred "Lost in Space") he might have noticed that early on in the show there are large spaces on decks 12 and 14 and that these couldn't possibly be in the neck section of the engineering hull - as he suggested.

Fact: The Making had a blueprint of the complete soundstage (Season Two and Three version). No matter how little FJ watched Star Trek, he had to know this was the essence of what should reflect in his blueprints. Still he decided to ignore this all together and come up with deck plans that do not reflect what we have seen to be aboard the Enterprise (with the exception of the bridge).

Sorry, I'd guess that 85% of the average fans have a knowledge about Star Trek and the Enterprise that is far superior to any knowlege FJ ever had and therefore the status of reference on his behalf is totally misplaced. I just revisited all the stuff he placed behind the sensor dish in the engineering hull (where does the sensor antenna connect to? A swimming pool?!?!?).

If I had the chance I would send Peter Chung's engineering designs back in time to replace the stuff FJ did.

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