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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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The adventure element was strongest in TOS I think. And damned good it was too.
Agreed. Indeed, some of the later shows could have used a bit more pep, IMHO.

(I'm looking at you, VOYAGER.)
Agreed about the abortion that was Voyager.

However, the other stuff described can be applied to any number of other 60's shows, there was an extra layer to Trek that transcended the aforementioned stuff.

And that characterisation and message has been active across 6 decades now. It's that depth that a big budget, populist notions of what makes a blockbuster and with several exceptions, poor leading actors, that is missing in its current incarnation.

Sure I'll go to the cinema to see it next May but its a clever facsimile of the essence of what it was.
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