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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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The original Twilight Zone owns the title Best Science Fiction Show until 1978, when the original Battlestar Galactica debuted. Trek is good, but it's never been "best" hands down.
To each their own, I guess, but I confess that my mind boggles at the idea that the old BSG is the "best" anything.

Never saw the appeal, even back in the eighties.

Maybe this is a generational thing?
I don't think so. I was 12 in 1978, and at the time I thought BSG was a Star Wars rip-off. Three years earlier, I had found the first season of Space: 1999 to be much more engaging than I'd find BSG to be. At the time, I found that both BSG and 1999 paled in comparison with Star Trek. We never had The Twilight Zone syndicated on any of our three network channels. I didn't get to watch TZ until high school, when we got cable.
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