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'Cause, of course, nobody ever watched TOS for the cool spaceships, phasers, photon torpedoes, transporter beams, alien monsters, and snazzy special-effects.

And Kirk never got his shirt ripped off, got into a fist-fight, or made out with an alien babe in a skimpy costume . . . .
So that's it lasting appeal then was it?
Oh, there was certainly more to it than that. But this revisionist idea that TOS was a purely cerebral exercise in highbrow philosphy and utopian ideology that never, ever indulged in good old-fashioned thrills, action, bad behavior, or excitement gets taken to extremes sometimes . . . and bears little resemblance to the series that we all grew up on.

Especially when people start having vapors because (gasp!) there's kissing or explosions in STAR TREK! Because Trek is supposed to be classy, civilized, and intellectual at all times, damnit!

I swear, the way some people talk, TOS was a weekly Sunday-morning symposium on the Important Issues of the Day, and not a rollicking, grown-up space opera that mixed heady scifi ideas with lots of colorful action, sex appeal, special effects, and adventure.
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