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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Best Buy now has the S2 set at $79.99

It probably won't be long until Amazon matches that price.
I got Season 1 for like 60 bucks. Hopefully Season 2 is either like that price or cheaper. We are getting less episodes afterall. Of course it sounds like we're getting more special features so that might even things out too.
I too hope it will be cheaper -- it's one less disc in the set (5 discs versus 6)... and if each disc is valued at $10, then it should be in the $50 range. Though, CBS may not see it that way. After all, they have to make up for the the monetary loss they suffered due to the recall and the replacement discs they had to press and send out.

If only the folks at Chace Audio hadn't bungled the initial release, we may have stood a good chance of getting S2 for that low a price. Now... not so sure. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it is that low, though.
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